Reliable & Scientific Explanations of Earthquake and Nuclear Plant

So, one of the many challenges you will face/are facing in this earthquake is to find the correct information. Twitter and blogs help immediate access to emergency informationm, but at the same time there are a lot of false rumor and out-of-fate information. The most reliable govermental official sites offer information in Japanese, but not so much in English.

So, I asked the professors in my univeristy where I can find reliable information. Here are some he suggested and I found. Many of them include scienticfic explanations. You may not like reading scientific articles, but they are very easy to understand using a lot of pictures. Read thorough them in order to understand what is actually going on, and to be able to tell truth from false rumors.

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Schedule for Tohoku Electric Power's Rolling Blackouts

Updated March 19th 7:00

Tohoku Electric Power has canceled the rolling blackout 21st and 17th.

It should be noted for some municipalities only a part of city goes under blackout but not a whole city. It is also why some cities and villages are listed in multiple groups.
You need block level informaiton to determine your group.
The detail informaiton can be found at Tohoku Electric Power Website (Japanese)

Tohoku Electric Power has announced that it is less likely to carry out rolling blackouts on 16th an 17th

Group 1 and Group 2: 16th 9:00-12:00, 18th 9:00-12:00

Group 1
Ynezawa City, Nagai City, Nanyo City, Takahata City, Kawanishi City, Kawakami City

Niigata City (Chuo, Higathi, Nishi, Konan, Minami, Nisiura)
Aga-cho, Agano City, Nagaoka City, Sanjo City, Tsubame City, Village of Izumozaki, Village of Yahiko

Gourp 2
Hirosaki City, Goshogwara City, Kuroishi City, Tsugaru City, Ajigasara Cho, Tsuruda Cho, Itayanagi Cho, Fukaura Cho, Villlage of Nishimeya, Owani Cho, Fujisaki Cho, Village of Inakadat, Oamori City

Niigata City (Akib, Kounan, Chuo, Nishiura, Nishi, Minami)
Sanjo City, Nagaoka City, Kamo City, Mitsuke City, Tsubame City, Izumi City, Agano City, Tagami Cho

Group 3 & Group 4: 17:00-20:00 and 18th 17:00-20:00

▽Yamagata 山形県
Yamagata City, Shinjyo City, Murayama City, Higashine City, Tendo City, Obanazawa City, Sobue City, Mogami Cho, Funagata Cho, Kawakita Cho, Oishida Cho, Nishikawa Cho, Oe Cho, Oguni Cho, Nakayama Cho, Mamurogawa Cho, Village of Sakegawa, Village of Tozawa, Village of Okura

Niigata City ( Kita, Higashi, Chuo, Kounan)
Murakami City, Tainai city, Sinhotta City, Agano city, Seiro Cho, Agano Cho, Village of Sekikawa

Group 4
▽Akita 秋田県
Yokote Cit, Yuzawa City, Yurihonjo Cit, Nikaho City, Daisen City, Ugo City, Misato Cho, Village of Higashi Naruse

▽Niigata 新潟県
Uonuma City, Minamiuonuma City, Nagaoka City, Ojiya City, Kashiwazaki City, Yuzawa City

Group 5 and Group 6: 17th 9:00-12:00

▽Yamagata 山形県
Sakata City, Tsuruoka City, Shonai City, Yusa City, Mikawa Cho,

▽Niigata 新潟県
Murakami City, Jyoetsu City, Myoko City, Kashiwazaki City, Itoigawa City,

Group 6
Aomori City, Goshogawara City, Tsugaru City, Kuroishi City, Tairagawa City, Hirakawa City, Mutsu City, Fujisaki City, Sotogahama City, Imabetsu City, Nakadomari Cho, Oma Cho, Yokohama Cho, Hiranai Cho, Village of Hoda, Village of Inakadate, Village of Higashidori, Village of Isa, Village of Kazamaura, Village of Mutsugasho

▽Akita 秋田県
Akita City, Oga City, Senhoku City, Yurihonjyo City, Misato Cho, Village of Ogata

▽Niigata 新潟県
Nagaoka City, Mitsuke City

Group 7 & Group 8: 17th 17:00 – 20:00

Group 7
Yamagata City, Tendo City, Kamiyama City, Nagai City, Nanyo City, Yamabe Cho, Asahi Cho, Oe Cho, Shirotaka Cho

▽Niigata 新潟県
Niigata City (Chuo, Higashi, Nishi, Konan, Akiba, Nishiura)
新潟市 (中央区、東区、西区、江南区、秋葉区、南区、西蒲区)
Izumi City, Tagami Cho

Group 8
Tago Cho

▽Akita 秋田県
Kitaakita City, Odate City, Noshiro City, Kazuno City, Akita City, Oga City, Katagami City, Ozaka Cho, Yatsumine Cho, Fujisato Cho, Mitane Cho, Hachirogata Cho, Gojyome Cho, Igawa Cho, Village of Kamioani, Village of Ogata

▽Nigata 新潟県
Nagaoka City, Ojiya City, Uonuma City, Minamiunonuma City, Kashiwazaki City, Izumozaki City, Village of Kariwa
長岡市, 小千谷市、魚沼市、南魚沼市、柏崎市、出雲崎町、刈羽村

Japanese Example Sentences

"すみません (sumimasen) [excuse me]

今日計画停電が実施されると聞きました. (kyo keikakuteiden ga jisshi sareruto kikimashita) [I heard that we will be having a planned blackout today.]

ここは停電のリストの中に含まれていますか? (Kokoha teidennno risutoni hukumareteimasuka? ) [Is here included in this list?]"

"これは計画停電ですか?(koreha keikakuteiden desuka?) [Is this planned power outage?]"