False Rumor of Chiba Prefecture Cosmo Oil Explosion

On twitter and through many emails, there has been a false rumor going around that an oil explosion has caused poisonous rain to fall in Chiba Prefecture.

Cosmo Oil, in conjunction with Chiba Prefecture, has published an official statement.

"In Regards to Emails About the Chiba Oil Factory"

Cosmo Oil
Corporate Communication Dept, PR Room

Today, it seems that emails titled "Cosmo Oil Secondary Disaster Prevention Information" were sent out randomly to many people. The information contained included: "the poisonous substance released in the Cosmo Oil explosion has adhered to the clouds and will pour in Chiba as rain."

However, this is not true. The tank in question was filled with LP gas, which despite flowing into the atomosphere as a result of the explosion will have little effect on the human body.

We sincerely apologize to the residents of Chiba, as well as all those related, for any trouble and/or worry this has caused.

Source: http://www.cosmo-oil.co.jp/information/110312/index.html

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