UW-Madison: How Can You Help Japan?

Now we have our official website!
Book mark http://jtr.rso.wisc.edu/ to get lates news on our activities.

About Japan Tsunami Relief (JTR)
As you already know, a terrible earthquake hit Japan on March 11. The M9.0 earthquake triggered many other earthquakes, tsunami, and a potential nuclear meltdown. The aftershock tremors continue to force the tired and scared people of Japan to take shelter. Japan will need a lot of money to provide sufficient food/medicine/blankets for refugees ,and to rebuild houses/roads/all the things destroyed by the disaster.

As Japanese in the US and people who loves the country, members of the Japan Tsunami Relief (JTR) are very frustrated not being able to run to help our loved ones. However, we believe there is something we can do from here in Madison.

For at least the coming several weeks and possibly longer, we will be organizing many fundraising events. A dollar or the change in your pocket can make people in Japan smile. Even if it is difficult for you to donate money, please come to our events to say hi to us. We would love to thank you for your caring.
If you prefer other organizations, you can find a list of reliable organizations.

Official Statement on Donation or Offers of Assistance by Embassy of Japan

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