Public Trasportation Affected by Planned Power Outage

Updated March 15th 3:52

Most of public transportation will be back on March 15th.
I just listed the ones which will be out of service today for sure.
Most of train companies can only put 30-80% of trains back to service due to secturity concerns.

You can check latest JR lines's information in English
- Tohoku http://traininfo.jreast.co.jp/train_info/e/tohoku.aspx
- Kanto http://traininfo.jreast.co.jp/train_info/e/kanto.aspx
- Shinetsu http://traininfo.jreast.co.jp/train_info/e/shinetsu.aspx
- Shinkansen http://traininfo.jreast.co.jp/train_info/e/shinkansen.aspx

Is your train working?
Navitime's all-in-one route search maybe useful to find alternative ways to go home.

Japanese Example Sentences

"すみません (sumimasen) [excuse me]

(    )線はいつ運転を再開しますか? (___sen wa itsu unten wo saikai shimasuka?) [When will the ___line start running again?]

ここに書いてもらえませんか? (kokoni kaite morae masenka?) [Could you write it here?]

ありがとうございます。 (Arigatou gozaimasu) [Thank you]

(     )にいきたいのですがどうしたらいいでしょうか?(___ni ikitaino desuga doushitara iideshouka?) [How can I get to ( )?]"

Updates on Planned Power Outage in Kanto Area

This page is for the most updated information about the planned black outs.

Find your group: Rolling Blackouts Schedule Search by Area
* Take note that you need to enter your address in Kanji.

Time updated 20:57 April 5th

Press release by TEPCO on the planned power outage in English:

Some Ibaraki, and some part of Chiba and Tochigi was exempted from the planned power outage

Source: http://webtool.fizsoft.net/tepco/index.php?search=

Planned blackout was canceled from 7th through 10th of April.

Group 1 No planned blackout
Group 2 No Planned blackout
Group 3 No planned blackout
Group 4 No planned blackout
Group 5 No planned blackout

TEPCO serach tool
*Most updated but only available in Japanese

Google map of planned power outage groups
http://teiden.sou-sou.net/Note this is not an official map provided by TEPCO
This map is based on the inromation available on March 13th 2011.
Please refer TEPCO web tool above or website of your municipalities for the most updated information

Japanese Example Sentences

"すみません (sumimasen) [excuse me]

今日計画停電が実施されると聞きました. (kyo keikakuteiden ga jisshi sareruto kikimashita) [I heard that we will be having a planned blackout today.]

ここは停電のリストの中に含まれていますか? (Kokoha teidennno risutoni hukumareteimasuka? ) [Is here included in this list?]"

"これは計画停電ですか?(koreha keikakuteiden desuka?) [Is this planned power outage?]"6:20~10:00 *13:50~17:30