Check List before Night

* There's a larger possibility of blackout during night *

- Get flashlight one for each member of your family/each room
- Get enough medicine you regulary take, toilet paper, and baby goods
- Clean floor to avoid stepping on hard things in dark
- Take a bath before it gets dark. Leave the used water in the bathtab
- Prepare dinner before it gets dark
- Prepare warm clothes and blankets
- Make sure there is nothing that may fall around your bed
- Charge radio, cellphone, portable music players etc
- Work out a little bit so that you have a good sleep
- Close main gas tap

In the time of earthquake, it is important to save electricity.
If you can, use only PC, radio, and TV. Unplug any electrical appliances you don't need.

However, REMEMBER that you & your family's safe is important than saving electricity.
- You need to obtain information through TV, PC, or radio
- Keep lights till you go sleep. Moving around in dark is dangerous

It is a stressful time, but take time to talk to your family/friends.
Share anxiety, say same jokes, and laugh w/ people.
If you are stressed out, it is easier to get sick and tired.
You need to have your heart strong and happy to survive this disaster.

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