Tips to Stay Safe by a Person who Experienced Hanshin Earthquake

* This is not an information by a specialist.
But I thought it is good to see what you will really need in emergency.

- the place w/ X-shaped crack will collaspe soon

When an earthquake happens
- open door
- open windows BEFORE or AFTER the earthquake. NEVER go close to window DURING tremor after making sure that the window glass is not damaged.
- turn gas off
- if you are wearing heels, break them so that you can walk/run safely
- take off stockings. They are easy to get fire
- if you become panic, everyone will. Crouch and shout "Calm down!"

If you are inside house/building:
* house
- get under table or cover your head w/ cushion
- do not walk barefoot
- turn off fire and gas
* department store/supermarket
- use bags to protect your head
- take distance from show-windows or selfs and stay close to wall
- follow the direction of stuff
* office
- get under desks
- watch out for falling of big furniture, such as locker, and OA system
* condominium/apartment
- open door and windows to get evacuation root
- NEVER use elevators, Use stairs

If you are outside:
* street
- use bags to protect head
- go to parks or open space
- watch out for falling signs or glass
- take a distance from building, walls, vending machines
* driving
- hold the handle FIRMLY and slow down LITTLE BY LITTLE
- pull the car to left side of the road and turn of the engine
- when you leave the car, leave the key in
- carry automobile inspection certificate and valuables

Things to prepare in your emergency bag:
- money
- cellphone and charger
- radio
- flashlight/pen light
- water
- food for at least 3 days
- candy, snacks
- plastic bags as substitute for toilet
- first-aid kit
- sanitary pad/napkin is useful to stop a wound
- handkerchieves
- tissue paper

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  1. fantastic what you are doing, i was last summer in Japan and i know how difficult it is for foreigners