How to Find Your Family in Japan

81-3-5452-8800 for an update of your family and friends in Japan

Consulate/Embassy is always a great help. Check the article Call Your Consulate/Embassy in Various Languages to find call number or the official website.

Google Person Finder
* this is the major one used in Japan

Family links Network

If you are looking for your loved one in Miyagi Prefecture:
Miyagi Police Station provides a 24/7 phone service at 022-221-2000
I am not sure if they understand English, but it is worth trying.
If they couldn't understand English, use the translation service below,
or let me know. I have a lot of friends in Japan who are willing to help you.

There is also a free translation service for non-Japanese speakers
A free translation service has been set up for non-Japanese speakers, on 050 5814 7230 and 03 5366 6001. English, Chinese, Korean are available 24 hours a day. Portuguese and Spanish between 9am-8pm. Please note that this isn't an emergency information service.

Twitter users created system Buji.me to help people to find your loved person.
This system itsel is in Japanese, but there is language assistance available to translate ALL LANGUAGES. There is further information in several languages on right side of the page.

Safe and Well by American Red Cross

Phone companies provide message board services you can use from internet, but they are in Japanse. If you are desperate, let me know and I'll see if I can help you.

-DOCOMO iMode Natural Disaster Message Services
- KDDI Disaster Message Services
- Softbank Mobile Disaster Message Services
- NTT Eastern Japan Emergency Message Site
- Willcom Disaster Message Services
- E-mobile disater/emergency message Center

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