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For 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami - Update April 11

Japan Geigermap
This map visualises crowd-sourced radiation geiger counter readings from across Japan.

I am very sorry that I haven't been able to update this blog for past few weeks. Although there is no latest news on this blog, I think there are a lot of useful links, so please bookmark them. Especially, bookmark those sites that you can see from your cellphone. Laptop is often useless in the case of emergency.

Also, govemental websites finally started to catch up w/ providing information for foreigners. Some of the contents overlap w/ ours, but please refer to them so that you don't miss any important information:
2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Information for foreigners living in Japan by International Organization for Migration

Links to Article Sorted by Topics

Important News
Scientific Explanations of Earthquake and Nuclear Plant
Rolling Blackouts
- Tohoku Rolling Blackouts
- Affected Public Trasportation
- Updates
- General Info & Preparation
Nuclear Plant
- National Institute of Radiological Science
- Evacuation Order: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
False Rumor of Chiba Prefecture Oil Explosion

Info for Specific Places
Aomori Iwate Kanagawa Miyagi Tokyo

Get Latest News * Must bookmark!
Websites w/ Latest Info
Train Service
Tsunami Info
Emergency Numbers
News Coverage in English
General Information Pages
Roads in Tohoku Area

Multilanguage Pages
Call Your Consulate/Embassy
Information Pages
Tips to Stay Safe
Free Translation

Protect Yourself
Emergency Numbers
National Institute of Radiological Science
Check List before Night
Tips by Hanshin Earthquake Victim
Earthquake Action Manual When Away from Home
Action Manual in Earthquakes
Ten Points about Earthquakes
Scientific Explanations of Earthquake and Nuclear Plant

Mental Care
PTSD Child Care

For Family
How to Find Your Family
News Coverage in English
General Information Pages
Make a Donation

How to Help Japan
Make a Donation
UW-Madison: How Can You Help Japan?

My Aims

Strong earthquakes hit the Tohoku Region in the afternoon of March 11, triggering several meter high tsunami waves that caused massive destruction and loss of human lives in areas along the Pacific coast of eastern Japan, especially in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima Prefectures.

This blog aims to provide useful information in English for foreigners in Japan and their family abroad. Because I am currently in the US, and there is a limit of time for me to stay in front of news in a day, this blog is not the best place to get news flash about earthquake or tsunami. To get latest emergency information, I recommend you to check radio and twitter. I posted the links to these useful souces in the articles you can find below.

You can get a lot of scary news in English online. At the same time it is important to know what is happening in Japan, they do not help you to protect yourself. If you are too scared, you cannot take proper action when needed.

Thus, my aim of creating this blog is to provide correct and useful information to keep yourself safe and to relief you. I posted a lot of links to useful websites where you can find official/important information regarding this disaster and "what to do tips." Please read and bookmark them before something happens. I also try to post correct information which is hard to find in English, such as information on evacuation and rolling blackout.

To make it easier for you to find the information you need, I created links to each article sourted by categories. Please utilize them and let me know if you find anything not working correctly or hard to use.

Most informations are only available in English unless specifically marked "in Varisou Languages." However, for most of them, I could find only a few languages. If you have useful info in other languages, please leave them as comment.

I am very sorry but because this is an emergency, I am ignoring many copy right issues. Please let me know if you want me to delete any article.

Share w/ Others

Last but not least, please share this blog w/ anyone you know. Or if you see a foreigner on street standing alone, tired, or anxiously, please give them this blog URL.
http://japanearthquakeinformation.blogspot.com/ or shortened version http://bit.ly/earthquakeEng
Your smile and kindness can make a lonely foreigner smile :)

Thank you so much for your help!

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